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Beyond Natural Diamond!


Environmental Responsibility:

Thank you for choosing to buy a lab grown diamond and in the process you have taken a major step in helping the environment. All types of mines destroy earth and diamond mines are no exception. Here are some facts as per US

Geological Survey:

An average mined diamond is the product of removal of 200 to 400 million times its volume of earth.

Here's another,

The richest mines in Africa produce 1 part diamond to 40 million parts waste rock. Summarizing briefly, the diamond mining creates a major Earth Displacement and all the dug up earth and rocks have to be stored somewhere else. The storage of this displaced earth creates phenomenon known as Acid rock drainage which produces acidic water that reaches underground and contaminates ground water which all living beings consume including human beings.

The mining process also destroys natural habitat. The major Diamond producing countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa have mined almost more than half of the coastline for diamonds. This coastline is home to many exotic species, endemic flowers and insects. Same goes for Canada, Australia and Russia and a few other diamond mining countries. Recent Ocean mining for the same purpose has been proven to be a total disaster.

A few more facts that you may want to think about is that CO2 emissions from diamond mining equals 1.5 million vehicles running for one year. Electricity used to mine diamonds could power a million households for a period of one year.

Just think what happens when a mine is exhausted? It is abandoned and the devastation and destruction of all kinds is left behind.

A national Round Table Conference on the environment and the Economy report concisely summarized the impact of mining excrement as "environmentally and socially disastrous, causing irreversible degradation of sensitive habitat and how human health is impacted."

In 2012 the heat -trapping CO2 emissions from diamond mining were equivalent to power 1.5 million cars on the road. We use more electricity per household than any other country on the earth and diamond mining uses enough electricity to power 1 million households.

It’s a proven fact that around the world, billions of tons of tailings and waste rock are leaching contamination into surrounding ecosystem and affecting the health and wellbeing of the people and wildlife living nearby.

Guaranty & Warranty:

We stand behind every product sold by We are proud say all products are made right here in New York City under our supervision. All diamonds are hand set by skilled workers who oversee each and every minute details making sure every piece of jewelry is in state of perfection before it’s shipped to you. Our QC department inspects thoroughly for any imperfection before they give their seal of approval. Our diamond will never chip or crack or become discolored or cloudy with normal wear tear. The gold mounting may loose its luster over a period of time and may need re-polishing to bring back its original brilliance. We offer free polishing and cleaning service to all our customers.


We guarantee all our diamonds are conflict free and environmentally responsible and does not involve any child labor. We practice the highest ethical standards as set by IGDA(International Growers' Diamond Association) and JA (Jewelers of America).



All our product are covered under our 12 months no questions asked policy from the date of purchase. All repairs and/or replacement of any defective parts will be free under the warranty period.


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We accept all major credit and debit cards. For more information check FAQ section.

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We offer a full refund for any returned merchandise within 30 days from the date of purchase. For further information check FAQ section.

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How to secure your valuables:


Safe and Sparkling


Routine inspections and cleanings help ensure that your jewelry is in good condition. During an inspection, your jeweler looks for broken or worn prongs, weak clasps, or other damage before you lose a diamond, break a strand of pearls, or damage a watch.

If you bring along your most recent insurance evaluation/appraisal, your jeweler can review the values as well. You will leave with jewelry that shines like new and have peace of mind knowing your jewelry is in good repair and properly valued.


Insurance From the Experts:


Trust your home to your homeowners policy, but trust your jewelry to the jewelry insurance specialists, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group - the only insurers specializing exclusively in jewelry insurance since 1913. Jewelers Mutual Provides comprehensive repair or replacement coverage, which includes worldwide travel protection against:

Accidental loss
Mysterious Disappearance

Visit Jewelers to learn more, get a free quote and apply for insurance, or call a licensed agent at 888-884-2424.

How to keep your jewelry looking brand new:


Pearls of Wisdom:

When the unexpected happens, make sure your jewelry is protected. here are some valuable tips to get you started.


  • Dirt buildup may hasten the wear of your jewelry. Visit your jeweler at least twice per year to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected for worn or cracked prongs, faulty clasps, or other potential problems.
  • Avoid heavy blows to your diamond. Diamonds can chip if struck at the right angle.
  • Salt water and jewelry don't mix. Ocean water can damage some stones and metals.
  • Keep jewelry in unlikely places. Jewelry boxes are an obvious place for thieves to look.
  • Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals-like gold, silver and platinum-and may harm colored gems. Remove jewelry before going  into chlorinated water and hot tubs or using household cleaners.
  • When traveling, keep valuable jewelry at home or store it in the hotel safe.
  • Remove jewelry before swimming. Fingers constrict in water, making rings more likely to fall off.
  • Don't place or store your jewelry near vents, grates, sinks or drains.
  • Pearls are easily damaged by an array of personal products like cosmetics and lotions.
  • Most burglaries happen in broad daylight. Always keep doors and windows locked during the day.
  • If you bump or sang your jewelry, have it inspected for potential damage that may be unnoticeable to you.
  • Always take time to place jewelry in a secure place, not in a pocket, on a counter, or in a public area.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate, soft, compact container. If cluttered together, jewelry can become scratched-even diamonds.
  • One of the best ways to keep valuable or extensive jewelry collections secure is to store them in a burglary and fire-resistant safe.

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