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Everything you always wanted to know about Lab Grown Diamonds.

We now live in a new age of technology and know how the Tech world has changed our lives in a way that we connect, socialize, shop, travel, entertain and even buy groceries. The technology has made another breakthrough in formation and manufacturing of diamonds that we treasure and cherish as a symbol of our love and promise. It has now been made possible to grow rough diamond in a lab here in the US using environmentally responsible technology, just about the same way they are formed under the deep crust of Mother Earth with one exception, we no longer need to destroy the Earth by digging deep into the Earth at the same time endanger lives of millions of mine workers. These rough diamonds are then cut and polished exactly in the same way mined diamonds are polished.

Realnrare.com , a wholly owned co of Nu-Diamond jewelry Inc. is proud to bring you an exquisite assortment of fashion and bridal jewelry set with LGD of high clarity ( VVS = very very small ,VS= Very small ,SI =small inclusion ) and of high color ranging from D to I as defined by the Gemological Laboratory of America a/k/a GIA.

A grown diamond has the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a mined diamond as shown under.

Chemical Symbol C C
Hardness 10 10
Specific Gravity 3.52 3.52
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42
Rate of Dispersion 0.044 0.044

We can very honestly and confidently state that a diamond is a diamond regardless of whether its grown in a lab or mined from the earth. Furthermore in 2018, the Federal Trade Commission eliminated the word “Natural” from its definition of diamond. (for further details ; www.forbes.com


It is a common knowledge and a well -known fact that mining can seriously pollute the earth , Water and air as well as endanger the lives of mine workers whereas the lab grown diamonds are created in a safe and environmentally responsible lab and the workers are dressed in sterilized overalls.

Humanitarian Consideration: Mined diamonds are very often used to finance regional wars especially in diamond mining countries and hence are also known as Blood Diamonds. We are proud to say our Lab grown diamonds are 100% conflict free and bloodless. We love our LGD So much that we call our diamonds “peace and love diamonds”.

Not to mention the thousands of children and women who have to work in extreme conditions at the hands of crude business owners, which inflicts an ever-lasting danger of the future of the human race.

Our Vision: It is our belief that any new technologies and its development must coexist in a continuous harmony with the environment replacing old antiquated process of mining diamonds that inflicts irreparable human impact on nature. For more in depth report on Lab grown diamonds please visit www.theigda.org (international grown diamond association)