Dear Customers,

In 1978, I founded a company in the heart of New York’s diamond district. Our mission was to import diamonds from the two diamond cutting and polishing centers in the world -India and Belgium- and sell them to jewelry manufacturers in New York City and across the country .In the late 1980’s, we expanded Into jewelry manufacturing and supplying to major jewelry chains, department stores and independent jewelry retailers .I’m  proud to say that my 40+ years of experience in the diamond and jewelry trade, has given me a unique perspective on this ever evolving industry.

The world has changed over the years and so have diamonds. Our concern for the environment has become part of our mission. Now, for the first time in 40 years, we have the opportunity to offer lab grown diamond jewelry directly to consumers. Lab Grown Diamonds are both of excellent quality and of greater value since we eliminated two major middlemen, namely De Beers, the diamond cartel and your local jeweler. They are also ethically more responsible than traditionally mined diamonds from countries like Africa and Russia showing our love for the Earth and sustainability.

Lab Grown Diamonds are the next frontier in the jewelry trade and continue our deep commitment to high caliber jewelry that brings real joy to consumers. Not only are our diamonds as real as traditionally mined but also offer you a symbol of everlasting love that’s also environmentally and ethically responsible.

Our free return policy, lifetime free repair and price match guarantee speak volumes about our commitment to bring you joy and satisfaction. Please be sure to visit our sections, learn more about Lab grown Diamonds and @your service for more details.

I feel privileged and honored and sincerely wish to thank you for visiting www.realnrare.com. We hope you selected a product of your choice which would give you and your loved one joy forever. Please do take a moment to write about your shopping experience with us and spread a word among your friends and family.  Our goal is to win your trust and confidence by offering a superior product at the lowest price with excellent service. Please think of  www.realnrare.com, every time you think of sharing, showing and spreading love.

At RealnRare.com, We are helping our customers spread love one diamond at a time.

Yes! Our diamonds are just as real as any other.

Thank you.

Yogi Desai
Founder CEO