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Beyond Natural Diamond!

STYLE# BR2C370 - $1399.00

2.00Ct Real Diamond Classic 3 prong Tennis Bracelet in !4 K gold

Note: All diamonds are of color H (white) or higher and of VS clarity (clean) based on IGI grading standards. Each Diamond size 1.00 carat and up are certified by IGI (International Gemological institute, an independent diamond grading company)
These sparkling, meticulously cut real diamonds take the classic diamond bracelet to the modern age. What’s unique about this bracelet is that it can be paired with all types of colors, such as deep, dark, light, and pastel hues depending on your mood and occasion. This tennis bracelet comes with three prongs that safely hold and secure these beautiful diamonds, so you do not have to worry about losing your favorite diamonds. Since this bracelet is versatile, it works well with both casual and fancy occasions. Designed with exceptional artistry, this delicate and petite bracelet is undoubtedly a flawless piece from our collection. The glimmering diamond bracelet is available in both white gold and yellow gold colors that indeed speak volumes about your exquisite style and personality. The weight of this diamond bracelet can be customized as well, ranging from 2.00 Ct to 5.00Ct. Laced with small twinkling diamonds, this design is unique and is created to add a spark to your personality.

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