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Beyond Natural Diamond!

STYLE# EST1C965 - $1299.00

Glamrous Cushion cut Real Diamond set in a 14K Gold halo mounting with eversafe screwbacks

Note: All diamonds are of color H (white) or higher and of VS clarity (clean) based on IGI grading standards. Each Diamond size 1.00 carat and up are certified by IGI (International Gemological institute, an independent diamond grading company)
Diamonds are forever, but our cushion cut real diamond set in 14K Gold Halo design is truly a timeless piece. The design depicts the brilliance of how contemporary and tradition always work seamlessly together. The diamond in the middle embodies the woman who will wear this stunning piece, holding together many different life aspects yet sparkling and shining forever. A classic piece that is ideal for all occasions pair them with a formal outfit for a wedding or flaunt them at a birthday brunch. The encapsulating brilliant cushion cut design of the diamond set in a halo setting highlights the stone's real beauty. The smaller diamonds surround the larger one as a strong, beautiful woman holds all the people in her life together. The wholesomeness of the design gives it the real royal touch. It is an eye-catching piece, which is a head-turner for sure. Customize the design in yellow or white gold and carat weight of your choice.

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