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Beyond Natural Diamond!

STYLE# RQC50892 - $599.00

1/4Ct Real Diamond center set in a 14K Gold halo setting encompassed by 1/4Ct brilliant real diamonds

Matching band sold separately. For matching band's price and custom orders, please contact us on toll free number (866) 968 3426 or email us at
Note: All diamonds are of color H (white) or higher and of VS clarity (clean) based on IGI grading standards. Each Diamond size 1.00 carat and up are certified by IGI (International Gemological institute, an independent diamond grading company)
A design that depicts how traditional and contemporary work perfectly together. This piece is one for the generations; it is the one you buy; it stays in your family forever. With ¼ Ct brilliant diamond, encompassing the round cut diamond intricately set in a halo setting makes this design a classic. The smaller diamonds hold the larger one as little buds surround the flower ready to bloom – absolutely breathtaking! The wholesomeness of the design gives it an exquisite royal touch. The smaller diamonds are held in place by using gold prongs, which may seem delicate but are strong and lasting.

The ring is specially designed for a powerful, elegant, beautiful, strong woman who can flaunt it effortlessly, just like her personality. It is an eye-catching piece, and the cushion-cut illusion further accentuates its beauty and giving it a magical touch. The ring’s band is lined with tiny, dainty diamonds to complete the overall look of the design. This ring is definitely a head-turner for any event, be it an engagement or a wedding. All eyes will be fixed on this mesmerizing and truly magnificent stone now and always as it genuinely is a timeless piece.

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