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Beyond Natural Diamond!

STYLE# SolHC1624 - $699.00

1/2Ct Oval shaped brilliant solitaire Real Diamond set in a 14K classic Tiffany setting 

Note: All diamonds are of color H (white) or higher and of VS clarity (clean) based on IGI grading standards. Each Diamond size 1.00 carat and up are certified by IGI (International Gemological institute, an independent diamond grading company)
This brilliant solitaire real diamond ring has a 14K classic Tiffany band. It is a beautifully cut 1/2Ct oval diamond that symbolizes harmony between two people who want to signify their special day with a bit of glitz. This elegant ring will highlight the loved one has for another and be a constant reminder of that love. The glimmering diamond stands out with the otherwise simplicity of the ring as if to draw all of the attention towards it.

While an uncomplicated design, there are stylistic elements added with the indentations on the 14K gold band beside the sparkling oval cut diamond. This adds an interesting detail to the classic solitaire ring. The base color for this comes in white, golden, and rose gold. This clean design is going to compliment your dress on your big day by putting in the oomph factor every bride desires when she’s getting married.

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