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Beyond Natural Diamond!

STYLE# SolTC1622 - $399.00

1/3Ct Pear shaped  brilliant solitaire Real Diamond set in a 14K Classic Tiffany setting

Note: All diamonds are of color H (white) or higher and of VS clarity (clean) based on IGI grading standards. Each Diamond size 1.00 carat and up are certified by IGI (International Gemological institute, an independent diamond grading company)
Incredible and elegant, this pear-shaped brilliant solitaire real diamond set is available in a 14K Tiffany Setting. Whether it is a proposal or a wedding, this ring is perfect for your special occasion because it is so simple yet so rare. This dream ring is available in gold, silver, and rose-gold base with a pear-shaped diamond set in the middle as a bold and stylish statement. With silver prongs securing the teardrop diamond, a petite effect is replicated on the beholder’s finger. A design of this simple ring shines light and attention on the pear-shaped diamond in the center. This design is adored by women all around the world because of its’ classic yet modern look. An accessory so light yet brilliant will surely win the heart of your bride as he glows on her wedding day.

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